Predictorium Project Brief



Create a Pancake Swap Predictions copycat for multiple crypto pairs.



Single-pager with logo and wallet connection icon in the header followed by three menu blocks, followed by sections of past, current, and future prediction cards for each currency featured, organized in lines. Ability to bet on the fact that currency will go up or down in the next 5 minutes. Popups to bet and collect the reward to the connected wallet.



BSC integration. Integration with three Exchanges to continuously pull market price data for the featured pairs. Integration with most popular wallets on BCS network like Metamask & Trust wallet to allow users to transfer in for bets and transfer out for collection.

Algorithm that would close the previous and open the new bet round every 5 minutes similar to what Pancake swap does.

Algorithm responsible for fund distribution after the round.

Native token for the project with ability to purchase on site.

NFT Rewards integration


  • Temp wallets for holding bets until distribution

  • Wallet for commissions collection

  • Wallet for aggregating donations

  • Native token

User journey

  1. Hit the main page

  2. Connect a BSC-compatible wallet

  3. Select a bet round and the amount of bet

  4. Approve wallet transaction

  5. Collect the reward by approving transaction in case the bet wins